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The Truth.....

By:Kev Moores
Date: Thu,19 Jan 2012

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Hello everyone, i hope your all keeping well and are in good health. Its been sometime since i was last here writing an article for the spiritguides network and its been even longer since the very first article i wrote on the 6/09/2010 "Many are picked but few are chosen." Over the past 2 years i have not stopped searching for the answers as to why i was suddenly endowed with such a gift called mediumship that took the life that i had become so accustomed and happy with to leaving me with nothing as far as possessions go and my nearest and dearest deserting me as they watched in horror as my behaviour became irrational and the person i once was quickly faded away leaving nothing but an emotional frightened person. First and foremost id like to acknowledge that the title of this article is only called "The Truth" because its what i have come to conclude with all the information that ive digested and experiences that i have been fortunate enough to have on my journey. I acknowledge that each and everyone of you will have different opinions from mine and i whole heartidly respect those. All i ask is that you have an open mind and open heart whilst reading this article and that you dont disreguard anything that i say without having a proper think over it beforehand. Mediumship skills are not special skills bestowed on special people; it is something that we all have to a greater or lesser degree. The only thing i will say with respect to this comment is that "Physical mediums are unique as they are born with the ability to produce physical phenomena and are not made." So why aren't there more people who are mediumistic? Alot of this has to do with the lifestyles that we live, we simply don't have the time. We are so busy rushing around, working and worrying about "this and that" we ignore what our higherself is trying to tell us. Add to this the fact that we are taught that this sort of thing is either nonsense or wrong and you begin to get the idea. However, we do need to slow down a bit if we are to recognise what is actually taking place within ourselves. The more we can still our mind and relax, the more we become connected to ourselves (The Higherself/Soul), The Spirit world and our inner thoughts thus allowing psychic intuition and mediumship abilities to flow as they should so naturally do. I know i have said psychic intuition but please dont focus too much on this as im gearing this article towards mediumship. Mediumship abilities can be thought of as a latent human ability that have been ignored; you only have to wake them up! People are often amazed when they find these skills surfacing in themselves, but really it is not so amazing, it's perfectly normal, we just don't see it that way at first. There is nothing special about mediums, we are ordinary people, with a very ordinary, natural ability. Mediumship is a totally natural ability that has been in practice throughout all cultures, through all history, and every person has it within them to do it. However, in some people it is more prominent than in others. Granted it is not for everybody, and some people prefer to seek the services of a medium when they feel the need to do so. So how are these Mediumship abilities developed? This solely depends on the individual, but includes meditation and mental discipline. Some people are born with their mediumship faculty switched on, and for them it becomes a natural part of their lives. Others may need to work much harder to obtain the desired results/ level of mediumship. One way of thinking about mediumship abilities is to consider the five human senses. If you are fortunate enough to have all of the physical/everyday senses then we have sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. If you can now understand that we have a spirit housed in that physical body that enables us to use the five senses then we can also acknowledge that the spirit body will also have the same five senses but these are what i call spirit senses. Just so you understand what i mean ill use a common scenario that you may relate to. Have you ever seen a person that has had a limb amputated? If not then, you will often catch the the amputee going to scratch the limb that has been removed. This is often called "Phantom limb syndrome." Just because the physical limb no longer exists, need not say that the spirit limb does'nt aswell. Getting back to the question, we first need to look at, and understand, energy. Energy cannot die, this is a proven fact. It only moves into another state, changing vibration, changing form, but it does not die. You are made of energy, so you cannot die. Your soul or spirit (both are the same), which is the real you, is energy, housed in a physical body which is also made up of energy vibrating at a different rate creating dense flesh. When the body 'dies', the spirit separates from the body which is no longer required, and no longer animated, and the body disintegrates and returns to the earth after burial, and if we are cremated it becomes a pile of ash - a collection of molecules or particles of energy which have not died, just changed form. It is the mind which contains all your memories and thoughts, it is your individuality, your personality, and it is now without a physical vehicle to use for expression. Whilst we are living in the physical world our spirit uses the physical body for expression, and our mind provides intellectual expression, but there are things that we are able to perceive that are non-physical such as another persons mood or well being (health)This is because your spirit is already exchanging information with the other person's spirit, as soon as you meet, through your Aura (this is called Psychic work - person to person, both physically living). Your aura is a record of all those thoughts and emotions, both expressed and unexpressed. It contains all the information about you, all your experiences, everything you have done, what you hope to do, all your problems and ill health, all are recorded here. It's a bit like having a part of your spirit that's accessible to all (even the spirit world), which contains information that we all need to go about our day to day living. I tend to liken it to a modem, which sends and receives information, your aura is much the same. If we accept that the spirit can and does live after it has separated from its body, then the next question is usually 'where do we exist?' I believe that we occupy the same space, and that because we are operating at different frequencies, we are not normally aware of the spirit world. Think about it. We occupy the same space as radio waves, but are not aware of them unless we use a receiver to tune in and make sense of them. We understand that the mind is a very powerful tool, and we use our mind power to 'open the channel'. Using our mind, we quicken the vibration of our own energy field - the aura - so that we can meet the spirit world half way, as they slow down the frequency of their vibration slightly to become more easily perceived.All mediums are clair-­-everything....Clairvoyance-­Seeing. Clairsentience-­-Feeling. Clairaudience-Hearing. Clairgustance-Tasting. Clairalience-Smelling. Clairknowing/Claircognisance-Intrinsic knowledge,they often just don’t know it or don’t acknowledge it. When the spirit world draw close to us, and blend their energy with ours, it is done so by mind to mind. Spirit to spirit is a more accurate way to describe the process, as they blend with our own spirit and allow an exchange of energy/ information that then filters on up through the various levels of consciousness. and is assimilated and interpreted by our physical brain and ‘waking consciousness’ (ego). Spirit does not choose the method of delivery/interpretation of your messages. They don’t simply say ‘Oh today I’ll let you see…’or ‘Ooh I think I’ll make you smell today, love’! The information simply and naturally bubbles upto your awareness by the path of least resistance. The very fact that we need to interpret this information on the physical level with our physical minds is the only limit on our mediumship.We potentially blend better (easier) when we are of a similar type and experience to the Spirit person who wishes to communicate with/through us. our own life experiences help us to interpret the message; in much the same way you can’t convey ideas through physical speech until you know the words that represent them. Spirit never ‘teach’ or ‘test’ you in this way. They simply want to come through and give their message. We, as mediums, need to relax enough and surrender ourselves (!) enough to work well. Don’t plead for information or make excuses if you’re not getting enough information for your sitter. Just say “I can feel xyz, but i can’t hold the blend to get the rest of the message. I’m sorry.” and nothing else. During the blending, as they come close to us, the Spirit people give us all the information they wish to impart to us including evidence, their whole personality and the message they wish to convey (and to whom they wish to convey it). There’s no point saying ‘Oh the Spirit people are testing me’ or ‘The guides are really making me work’. This is nonsense, sorry! The fact is all the information you need is given to you. It’s simply a case of looking inside yourself to dig down and discover it. By blaming Spirit for the lack of evidence and/or communication, you’re limiting yourself and your mediumship because your not actually looking inside yourself to get the details out of the message you already have! For example, if you receive some imagery clairvoyantly you may see a walking stick. Don’t just say
‘Oh I have a lady with a walking stick’…Dig deep within the information that has been blended within you and ask How old is she? Is it an old stick or a new stick? Where did she get it? Which hand did she hold it in? What colour is it? Oh it’s white–she’s blind!’… As you can see, the more you dig the more and better information you start to produce in your work. This equates to better evidence for your sitter, and a more satisfying read for yourself. Regarding your inner senses, don’tbe forever expecting objective (external) sight, hearing etc. You may have a very, very long wait… We are all capable of receiving this way but it’s not down to the Spirit people. We see, hear and feel every message we get. So if
we miss any information it’s often because we don’t bother to look or we put up barriers: ‘Oh I can’t do xyz, I only work this way, or that way’. It's Nonsense! We only limit/restrict ourselves and spirit communication when we do this. What seem to be small snippets of information contain the entire message deeper within. Just look deeper inside and root out the information. This can be termed ‘multi-­-dimensional communication’. You don’t especially need to see and feel and hear everything all of the time, provided you feel that the message is right then it is. Clairsentience/knowing is one of the most powerful tools we have, as it’s an instinctive and deeply embedded way of working at the spiritual level. If you struggle to connect never say ‘Nobody’s here’, but rather say ‘They’re here but I’m sorry, I’m struggling to connect/blend’,because that’s the truth! That Spirit-­-to-­-Spirit blending and communication is still taking place; Spirit are still trying to impress upon you but unfortunately at those times the information simply isn’t filtering up to your conscious awareness. So how do we merge more fully with our Spirit friends when they wish to communicate? How do we blend more deeply and successfully, allowing all that information to bubble up into our minds? The relationship you have with yourself is of paramount importance here. Not your relations with the Spirit people and/or your guides, or anything like that. Our true eternal self is of the Spirit, merely encased in matter for the time being. We need to fully manifest our full and true Spirit self through the physical vehicle in this world. Yogis, Buddhists etc. sit in meditation for many, many years for just this reason. Some people even self-­-flagellate to overcome their bonds to the physical self and the world. We don’t need to do that, though! Physical stresses, waking up and finding your husband hates you today, having dog trouble or just plain old shitty arse-­-ache all make your mediumship temporarily suffer. Often this is because it interferes with our Spirit manifesting fully and properly through the physical vehicle. Conversely, when all is well connecting to the Spirit feels like a physical and spiritual high, and we’re more accurate and detailed in our messages. So, build a relationship with yourself! Part of a medium’s work is to recognize we’re Spirit within, and we can be neurotic and so on. This is ego, our physical brain, and our animalistic instincts arising from the temporary physical part of our being. This is not our Spirit or our true nature. The more we fully manifest our Spirit on Earth the better we feel, act and work as mediums. People tend to spend too much time trying to blend externally, looking outside of themselves somewhere for the Spirit people. Mediumship is internal, and the better our understanding of, relationship to and manifesting of our own Spirit the better our mediumship becomes. The difference between a medium and a good medium is being able to get people who matter to the sitter. It’s all very nice, but there’s hardly much point to bringing through someone’s great aunt or friend’s nan’s brother or the man you met at the bus stop once! When you have a connection, look deeper than you normally would for the information. How did the Spirit person look, how did they eat, and where did they shop? During the reading leave these questions at the back of your mind and allow the Spirit people to answer them during the course of the reading. Don’t look only for these things, but rather leave it to Spirit. You’ll usually find such questions have a knack of being answered before the reading ends, even if you don’t realise it at the time. If a sitter asks you for specific evidence, or says there’s a particular thing that will be a "clincher" for their accepting the communication (for example their loved one’s favourite song, or a funeral hymn), do not say yes to their request. Just carry on as you were, and Spirit will often slip in the answer as you go along. Spirit don’t mind how you identify them (e.g. by gender, age, passing condition, relationship to the sitter, or a potentially identifying piece of specific information). Which parts of their identifying information we get and give is down to us, not to the Spirit. Always look to get more! For example their personality, their physical description and their method of passing. These are generally easy to feel with our clairsentience if only we look for them. These pieces of evidence are not necessarily what the Spirit person wanted to say, or actually said. It’s just the information you picked up in connecting with them and provide for your sitter as evidence prior to delivering their actual message. Be wary of frustrating Spirit by not giving their message! Do not over talk the above three evidential parts of the message (appearance, personality and method of passing), but merely give enough to establish their identity to your sitter and then proceed with delivering the Spirit person’s actual message as soon as the evidence of their identity is accepted. Evidence of their survival by describing them to the sitter is not the message itself! Don’t waste time that could be better spent on more important information. Sometimes we get strong links into Spirit people that our sitter barely knows. This is because they happen to be the easiest Spirit person for us to feel and blend with. If you find this happens, and especially if the communication starts to stutter and is fragmented, then the Spirit may be trying to step back and allow a person the sitter knows better to step forward. In other words, they are acting as a channel for another Spirit person to communicate. Always remember this when working with a spirit communicator It’s important that we as mediums do not judge or question, just give your sitter what you see! For example, if an 80 year old lady comes through asking for her 90 year old lesbian lover; Then just give the information off to your sitter/s exactly as you receive it from your spirit communicator. Always ask the sitter if you got the person/people and evidence they most wanted to receive. If not, then try again! Not getting those people is only down to you limiting yourself and your mediumship abilities. Don't start beating yourself up, or getting worked up and frustrated just because you did'nt manage it the first time...just relax and dig deeper within yourself for the information that has been blended with yourself by those wishing to communicate from the spirit world. More importantly don’t ever blame the recipient for bad communications. Expect to receive criticism as you go about your work. Expect your work’s quality to fluctuate. This is natural. Spirit will always work with you provided that you are willing to work, have good motivation and that your intentions whilst using your mediumship abilities are of good will, selfless, true and filled with love. It’s important (and helpful to your mediumship) to recharge your batteries from time to time. We talked earlier of building a relationship to yourself and expressing your Spirit more fully on the Earth plane. Find something that works for you, i often listen to music composed by Frederic Delarue. Experiment!!! Spirit won’t and can’t take away your mediumship/gifts. They are not there to punish you! Always have the right intentions when working with and for the Spirit world and if you go wrong or have a bad day your guides will comfort and console you –even though you may not realise it at the time. Spirit will use every experience (good and bad) that you have as lessons to further your own development and teaching in a positive way. Avoid ego, and maintain pure motivation and the correct intentions in your work. Spirit won’t punish for these things, but if you’re all about the money and bigging up your own ego in front of others there’s nothing to stop the Spirit people deciding they don’t want to work with you any more. You’ll still be a medium, but with nobody to talk to if they decide to withdraw their overt support! Do it with a good heart, and they will lift, heal, sustain and develop you throughout your entire life. Mediumship can be a lonely life, but there’s always a huge group of Spirit people supporting you in the background. Remember this. There is a need for mankind to know that there is an afterlife while they’re awake in the physical world. It’s not good enough for them to simply find out when they pass back to Spirit, or when they astral travel in their sleep. Mediumship via the communication brings love, comfort and guidance to those sitters lives and hopefully removes the fear of physical bodily death, allowing people to live fuller, and richer lives. Part of a Mediums ‘job’ is to enable the awakening of others and help with the progression of their soul. The best messages that can be delivered to the sitter/s occur when you put yourself to one side (go into a light overshadowing/trance state). This altered state of mind gives an awesome blending and great messages! If you give names from Spirit during a reading, always assume they’re names of people in the Spirit unless the Spirit communicator tells you specifically that the person is still on the Earth. Mediums walk a fine line between spirituality and insanity! It’s a bit like geniuses, but we’re mediums instead. We tend to live balancing on a tight rope between two worlds, and it can cause some unpleasant issues as i soon found out. It’s important to understand and recognise these, and to spend as much time grounding ourselves as we do in meditations and communications. Believe it or not, little communication actually happens whilst you’re working as a medium. We need to stop giving the sitter/s too much evidence and start giving more of the message. You shouldn’t be seeking fame and fortunune whilst working with spirit and have everyone saying ‘Ooh s/he’s good!’ Rather you should BE good, and then become recognised for this fact. Far too many people enter into Spiritualism for £££££'s, fame, or recognition. They tend to be the people who shine bright and hard for six months, and then become disillusioned and you never see or hear from them again. Don’t be one of those people! Churches are incredibly important in the spiritual movement, and no matter how big and famous you think you are, never forget those churches were you learnt your trade of mediumship. Not so much that you ‘have to’ follow the religion of Spiritualism but rather that they are a great place with like minded people, to learn, to establish and display your gifts in a supportive atmosphere. Spirit will take you to the places you need to be! So with my Best wishes to you all....Relax, and enjoy your journey. Thankyou for taking the time to read this article. You can find me on facebook Kev Moores or you can visit my group on there called Mediumship & clairvoyance for more information about mediumship. Just copy and paste the following link....
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Lorraine said:

Dear Kev -- This was a great no nonsense article. I am a medium who chooses to present myself as a motivational speaker. I write and speak to people of all ages all that is imparted to me through Spirit. It is so wonderful to hear someone say- just bring the message. As I do not choose to achieve financial gain for this connection, it often baffles me at the amount of mediums hanging out signs and setting up shop. Unless it brings peace, harmony and comfort in spreading the truth that life lives on - then what is the point? I agree it is important to establish Aunt Gerty is here and that it truly is her... but, after that it should be more about why she is here what does she chooses to impart. Not necessarily to add or subtract to what her energy is communicating - maybe she is just happy to connect with her loved one and have that realization that all is well.
ALL have mediumship skills and by taking the time to connect within ALL can begin to love themselves more deeply and in doing this it spreads to the world around us. Thank you for this wonderful post and for reminding all of us that some of us have developed our skills a little differently perhaps, but we all possess this connection to our Spirit. Get out of the way of ourselves and open up to a higher awareness and just live in the loving reality of IS. I will be following your site. Here is mine
PS: I live in the US and truly wish I had a spiritualist church to interact with but, that in itself just makes me want to connect with my guides all the more:)
Tue,24 Jan 2012,09:31:17 GMT
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