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Many Are Picked And Few Are Chosen

By:Kev Moores
Date: Mon,06 Sep 2010

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Hello everyone to those who view this article, I will begin by introducing myself! My name is Kev and I do hope that yourself and loved ones are all well and in good health! For the past 18 months now I have been in search of the truth and understanding of the events that took place in my life which took me to the very edge of my physical life. Being so alone and scared of the things that I suddenly became aware of made my life a living hell. A hell that I contemplated ending myself. I have lost everyone that I loved and cared about, my nearest and dearest deserted me thinking that I had become mentally ill.

This is a brief story of what happened

On the 5.1.2008 I married my wife Susan! Having lost both her mother and father she often visited mediums for messages regarding situations in her life! I on the other was a sceptic on this taboo subject. I believed that once you had passed that was it and you shouldn’t medal with the unknown!

After receiving a message telling her that her family and loved ones would be on the wedding pictures in the form of orbs. This is what ignited the interest and desire to gain evidence of the afterlife, so I set upon my investigations! As time went by, the pictures of orbs became real. I would lie in bed and see these balls of energy bouncing around the room. Every experience regarding the afterlife developed at an alarming rate not allowing me to adjust and understand what was happening to me. Orbs suddenly became smokey outlines of figures that were very inquisitive of me.

These figures grew at the same rate my fear grew, very fast!!! Soon they were touching me and upsetting my everyday life. How can this be id ask myself or explain to my best friend? After several months of torment and 10 days without sleep it came to a head. I was a 29 year old boxer, bricklayer and lads lad who had been in bother with the law all my life and not scared of much to physically crumbling and crying in front of men at work!

My wife was very supportive at first but I could see my irrational behaviour due to the lack of understanding was taking its toll on our marriage. I wanted it all to stop and it wouldn’t! We had the house cleared by mediums but to no prevail. They said they had gone but I could still see them! Soon enough I was admitted to A&E with a suspected brain tumour and had tests done which showed everything to be normal.

It was then onto mental health which was daunting in the view that "how could I prove or show them the things I saw when it had not even been validated by science" the only outcome I knew, was as soon as that door closed behind me I would not be leaving and would be certified INSANE. The assessment was done by 2 psychiatrists both female, one of whom was horrible and very text book regarding her work. The other must have believed what I saw as she was sympathetic and tried to empathise! After 40 mins of sitting there listening to her say " under the mental health act you are going to be sectioned with psychosis unless you prove you see dead people!"That I blurted it out. I told her that her mother who had passed was stood at the side of her, I told her what she was buried in, what song was played at her funeral and about the letter she placed in her coffin. I left that room and her crying as fast as I could walk with my mind still intact and not rubber stamped MENTALLY INSANE!. From there I was still tormented and seeked help from the local spiritualist church. My life was crumbling around me and there was nothing I could do to stop it. My irrational behaviour drove my wife away and we separated after 19 months.

Since then I have met many friendly and helpful people who have given me the guidance and understanding that I needed so much. I have been on my own 12 months now continuously developing my mediumship. I now sit in a closed circle that had not permitted any other members in the last 18 years......they all sit for me as I develop my deep trance and physical mediumship! Getting back to the title of this article Many Are Picked and Few Are Chosen, I actually believe I was chosen to do this work. I understand that the higher self is required to learn life experiences on the physical plane in order for it to evolve and better itself when the transition to the spirit world takes place but I feel that my purpose is to make people (sceptics/scientists) aware that there is life after death and that the soul is eternal! I’m looking for people to help me in my development or point me in the right direction as to where I can work for spirit full time whilst showing researchers and non-believers the TRUTH!

If you feel you can help, please reply... but if you can’t, no worries! Thanks for taking the time to read this article

Take care, love, light and laughter always
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susan evans said:

i to believe in the fact that we are beings having a human experience and while on this plain we are here to grow and develop spiritually. We are reborn 84 births and the cycle is repeated every 5000 years. now we are in the cycle of the dark age and the golden age will follow where we live in peace and greed, money, hatred just love and peace. we see the destruction unfolding before our eyes..economic break down, lack of repeact for each other, crime increase, the young loosing their way....a time will come when the meek and poor will rule the world and that time is coming very soon.

i believe in the fact that spirit is eternal and ever is an cycle of death and rebirth, death and rebirth until we learn the lesson that we need to learn that will enable us to grow.

i have come back to do service..i have learnt my lesson and choose to return for the good of training to become a social worker that will use the arts as a tool to empower those souls that come to interest in the arts as a healing power.

this process has started with my own children and also my self. i self healed myself through the power of colour..and now pass on my knowledge. the cycle continues...

we can talk more and share ....

love and peace
Sun,17 Oct 2010,18:57:53 GMT

Cheryl Campbell said:

Hi Kev,
Just wanted to say I'm sorry you have been through so much, but spirit will always 'come through' for you, help, guide and protect you, so do not worry, listen, learn and continue on your path, as indeed you are!
My brothers' passing was the catalyst for my spiritual growth and development, as mentioned in one of these other comments too, so my paranormal experiences of many years is now being shown and explained to me. I am writing a book about all of this, if anyone out there is in publishing or interested in this book please do let me know, and I will be in touch with some of you who have written here. See, Kevin, you are helping a few of us already to make contact with each other, share information and experiences, thank you for that!
My website is and my email address is there if anyone wants to get in touch.
Trust in spirit, love and light,
Sun,12 Sep 2010,11:11:02 GMT

johneblums said:

Kev, Part of your 'learning' is to come to the realisation that the spirit and physical realms are totally intertwined and integral in everyones lives. This interdependence is governed by one of the cosmic Laws of Syncronicity, which means that many events that you and others are a part of, have to fall into place. So your support, guidance and future direction is predicated on this and events, with the help of your spiritual guides will. The orbs are also a form of manifestations as etheric energies of you spirit guides and their Source. Fear of the unknown creates and exacerbates more fear. Say to your self when confronted by fear of an unknown etheric presence. "Come to me and let me Love my fear" to know its source and its divine revelation to you. I am talking from personal experience, when I was also at one stage confronted by some of my spirit family as "black faceless figures" who come from the Source Point of the Eternal Light , ie the dark velvet realm of the pure mind of God-dess. Eventually step-by-step they removed their dark veils of disguise to reveal their highest spiritual personas and reveal to me my purpose in this life.
Thu,09 Sep 2010,14:56:12 GMT

ke moores said:

over the last couple of days ive watched people reply to the article that i posted. its nice knowing that their are people out there who can relate to my story. its a shame that those who have been misunderstood have had to endure such pain and sorrow to finally get where they are today. my intention was not for people to take pity on me but i see that it has enspired many people to speak out about their terrible experiences. the article has had a much bigger effect on those that read it than i had ever anticipated! i thankyou all for sharing your experiences and urge you all to continue speaking out aloud and making people aware that they do not have to suffer in silence....i started a group on facebook called understanding mediumship which was for people who found themselves alone and scared not understanding what was happening to them! i swore that day to myself that i would break my back to help someone that found themselves in the same place that i had been and sometimes still do! the group is open to anyone so please feel free to join and post any comments. i thank everyone for their kind words and urge you not to keep your experiences to yourself. people need to be made aware that there are others like themselves that have gone through or is going through the experiences that they are...........with love, light and laughter, i thankyou wishes ....kev
Wed,08 Sep 2010,16:27:43 GMT

claire said:

i lost custody of my kids when husband used my premanishions and gift for healing against me,iwas not even aloud too see them alone as never got to explain what i see.
5 years later im in circle and do reiki reflexolagy and best of all i have my kids back two of them see spirit and i hope what happend too me will help prepare them and others too for a wonderful way of life.sadley it can be so easily turn against u.the pain u sufferd no dout has shown u the bad side so that u can help others, hard but a life lesson ive realised will now do good instead of harm
Wed,08 Sep 2010,12:06:21 GMT

Lorraine said:

Hi Kev, you certainly had a rude awakening! Mine was much slower (due to my stubborness) but it's had a few bricks and bats along the way too. I would advise you to give yourself time. Right now you're filled with a fervour to share, to reveal, to teach... let your spirit mentors bring the right people and connections into your life when the time is right. Work *is* being done to reveal more of the spirit realms but every piece of the puzzle, every 'cog' has to be ready to turn... which means each of us has to work on their own development and have trust that 'those who know' will support us in our path. It may be a cliche, but when the student is ready... the teacher *does* appear. It happened for me and others, it will happen for you.

Meanwhile, enjoy the adventure!
Tue,07 Sep 2010,20:54:44 GMT

Erol Mustafa said:

Aww Kev..Thanks for sharing your very emotional and disturbing experience..I kinda know how you feel..I had go to the mental hospital too at one point because of visions and voices. And I really know how you feel and how horrible the experience can get..Let me know if I can help in anyway..Erol
Tue,07 Sep 2010,13:41:36 GMT

Catherine Chandler said:

Hi Kev
I am fascinated by your story. I just wonder if you would consider working in such a way as to go beyond where you are now. I would love to be in touch as you are so 'new' to this and I feel may not have put so many boundaries around what you are doing yet. I don't wish to be too cryptic but there is, I believe/know, far far more than you are experiencing. Fear often stops action (as you have already stated) and the 'beyond where you are' can be fearful, but I am hoping to work with someone who is willing to at least be open to further service and go beyond the mediumship aspect.
Please email me if you are interested, perhaps just a conversation in the first instance.
Many thanks and blessings to you
Cath Chandler
[email protected]
Tue,07 Sep 2010,13:11:21 GMT

Shawn Cohen said:

Dear Kevin, Hi, I am a psychic medium, some 30 years now, but I did not start out that way. My first boyfriend died when I was 23, and I had been away from him, broken up for 3 years, when I saw his spirit, daylight..on a bus (for goodness sake's!) in a foreign country (Denmark, but I am from Pittsburgh, Pa. USA) and I did not know he had died! He was 25. That episode was just the beginning, in 1979...well, like you, thought I was going mad, no one understood, finally went back to L.A, found a school of my degree. The older ex Heavyweight boxer who I met and fell in love with during those 3 years I was broken up with the first one, would give me the exact same experience in 2005...He was in Pittsburgh, died, I did not know, I was in London, (my present home and has been for 25 years now) He came to me in a dream first, then manifested right in front of me...talked to me, even my 9 year old daughter saw the end, we had met again in 1994, but he thought my psychic work was "the devil's work" and did not want to know my utter heartbreak and upset, I did not see or talk to him for 10 years, although I did tell him about my first boyfriend's death and how I saw his spirit. Now, in 2005, he did the exact same thing, only more intense, and me much more aware on my own spiritual path and well, you know the rest. I became a Medium from that experience and I am also now writing a book about it, which you can find some 20 excerpts from at my blog, which is: My boyfriend was a Heavyweight boxer some 28 years older then me when we met, and he fought professionally from 1946-1960..and Kev, he fought all the greats..his press is also on my blog,pictures, too. Maybe you heard of him, his name was Art Swiden. aka: The Pittsburgh can also find his stats at So, he is also now working for spirit, helping me with my readings and writing our story so that others, just like yourself can know this ultimate truth, that love never dies, and life and love is eternal. Many blessings on your path, and let no one decide what is right for you, what is true for you, but you. :-) All the best, always, Shawn M. Cohen
Tue,07 Sep 2010,12:05:10 GMT

Rachel Keene said:

Hi Kev,

I too was a sceptic until events after my brother passed away suddenly 20 years ago... now I'm working with spirit full time. If anyone told me 21 years ago I'd be doing what I do now, I'd have laughed my head off :)

You are not alone... I thought I was going a bit loopy when I began to sense things, now I share what I've learned so far over the years about the spirit world via my website and my teaching. Please feel free to get in touch...

Bright Blessings
Tue,07 Sep 2010,11:39:45 GMT

maria said:

Hi Kev
I totally empathise with you, as a child growing up I would see spirits, and had many out of body experiences.
But found myself labelled as "crazy" for talking about it.
So I stopped talking to anyone about my experiences, and kept what i felt saw to myself instead, as I would be chastised too.
I've learnt not to bother with non believers, don't waste your time and energy on them, you will find yourself going through the same as what you already have and end up despondent.
If you would like to meet like minded ppl, and I also have advice for you please email me.
peace be with you
Tue,07 Sep 2010,11:12:08 GMT

Karron said:

Kev, this touched me deeply, been there, got the T shirt !! I can relate to SO much to what you write . 20+ years later after I went through my spontaneous openng , and after trying to ignore my calling , I am now working with spirit, I have lost the paralysing fear & am being guided in my work.
Tue,07 Sep 2010,11:12:08 GMT

Lois said:

Hi Kev, I have been able to see, hear, sense Spirit since I was 7, 30years! It is presently causing issues in my Marriage, becasue my husband is frustrated at how much I can see, and I am frustrated that he doesnt listen to me, when he acknowledges that info comes from another source!! I empathise with your story fully and thank you for sharing it
Love Light Blessings
Tue,07 Sep 2010,11:00:48 GMT
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