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Go Forwards into your Birthright!

By:Gerald Celente
Date: Fri,11 Jan 2013
Submitter:Paul Smith

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Gerald Celente

This is a transcript from Red Ice Radio of an Interview with Gerald Celente, a self confessed Political Atheist and one of the world top trends forecasters. (And, by the way, one of THE most Enlightening discourses I have ever had the pleasure to transcribe - something which puts many alleged communications from Contactee's to shame!) The whole interview can be listened to in the Youtube clip provided.

Celente's motto is: 'Think For Yourself!' He says that the only way out of the current 'system' is not to support it! (Indeed, many great minds have said just this throughout the years. One notable example being Mahatma Gandhi, for instance).

November 20, 2012

Interviewer: Welcome Mr Celente, thank you for coming onto the program, and thank you for taking some time off from your busy schedule to talk with us today.

Celente: Well, it's my pleasure. Thanks for asking me on.

Interviewer: Well tell us Gerald from your perspective. What happened in America last Tuesday (November 6, 2012, United States presidential election).

Celente: Nothing! It was business as usual. Another election of voting for a lesser of two evils. It was a race between a stuffed shirt Mitt Romney and an empty suit, Obama, who knows how to say the right things and delivers nothing, or backtracks on what he's promised. So, it's just like the rest of the world. The rest of the so-called democratic world. You know, whether it's in Italy, or Spain, or Portugal, or Greece, you name the country...Germany. In these states they pretend to have democracies but they they're really run and controlled by two parties. And the two parties are really just a two-headed one part system. They look different but they act alike.

Interviewer: People haven't got smart to this yet, huh, after all these years?

Celente: People eat McDonalds and think that coke and pepsi are good for them to drink! Come on, people watch junk TV, they listen to junk 'news', they watch junk entertainment, listen to junk music, so the mind and the heart experience junk thoughts and junk emotions. And unfortunately to many people do that. But the good news in America is that 11 million people voted less this time than the last time! And I was one of them. This is the first time in my life that I didn't vote and I wont be a part of a lesser of two evils. I'm a political atheist and I don't believe in anybody's political religion. I don't bow to political gods. And as a matter of fact the God that I believe in - I believe - would believe it was a sin to vote for an evil. So, a lot of people didn't vote. And there's something else going on, a big secessionist movement. Many states have signed petitions to leave the nation. This is unprecedented. But we predicted it. It's in our top trends for 2012 - each year we put out a top list of what the big trends are going to be. And one of them was the succession movement. The reality is you can see how the world is reacting to the Obama 'victory'. Since election day last week the DOW has dropped over 450 points and the world equity markets have lost trillions of dollars of value. So the thing with the Obama 'victory' is that people know what to expect. It's just expecting more of the same and more of the same was nothing! Had Romney won however, people would have believed, 'Lets give him a chance, he was a business man. Lets give him an opportunity.' So, we don't have to go through that charade. And that's why its collapsing right now.

Interviewer: Yep, indeed. It's like a re-run of the George Bush scenario last time, basically. Do you think people will wake up to this and whats really going on because of it?

Celente: Look whats going on in Europe. I mean, my God. Look at the Portuguese, look at the Greeks, look at the Spanish...THEY VOTED IN THESE GOVERNMENTS! The people voted in the governments. It's either because they're into S & M or they're into the Stockholm Syndrome. You know, when you get to love your torturer. So, it's something in the human spirit that prevents people from standing up and speaking out. Instead they bow down and they actually follow their 'leaders'. Look at these 'leaders'. It's a cavalcade of clowns. One after the other. Then you have the technocratic over there in Italy...'Three Card Monti'. It's a joke. Obama, about the three stooges? You know, so people believe this C***! I don't know what it is with people that prevents then from allowing politicians to get away with things that they would never let people, in their everyday lives, get away with. We don't let anybody treat us the way politicians do. Yet, every time they roll up the red carpet, strike up the band, they salute and stand!

Interviewer: Well, tell us about your strategy in this case. You advocated to stay home and don't vote during this election? How far do you think that could go before anything could happen. I think in your latest Trends Journal you say that if something like 40% didn't turn out that would send a message.

Celente: That's right but the people again. What they do is the Liberals have a line. Conservatives believe in Liberal's lie. Conservatives believe, for instance, 'We gotta kill those Muslims over there. Before they come over here!'' They believe stupid things like that. They believe they have to invade foreign countries so that you're protecting them! They actually believe this. Liberal's on the other hand, you tell them, 'Hey, Obama promised to close Guantanamo Bay the first day he came in'. Place is still open. You know Obama took our rights away with the National Defence Authorization Act that he signed on New Years eve. That allows the government to kill anyone they want without any charges, without any judge, jury, without any lawyer. Obama is sending out predator drones and killing people virtually every day around the world. UNESCO, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, started a war in Libya called the Humanitarian Mission! And you go on down the list. He promised not to continue Bush Tax cuts and he did. He promised to clean-up Washington and he brought in as defence secretary and International security Bush's old holdovers and all of Clinton's crew! So you pointed this out to them and they say, 'Well, you know. He's for women's rights' or 'he's for gay rights.' Yeah, Hitler liked animals, big deal! So, they take this one issue and they'll support them. And when I say 'the Liberal's lie' it's because they're intelligent enough to know the truth but they don't have the courage to admit that they have been conned. And to me, those are the people, whether it's in the United States, Germany, Sweden or Norway, whether it's in Spain or Italy, wherever it is, those are the people to me that are holding back progress. Because they know the truth but they don't have the courage to face it.

Interviewer: Now the two party system.....I've always been kind of weary of what might be next here. The so-called third choice, he blend between the two...because we have this centre right, centre left blocks right now. And they're becoming more and more of the same. And eventually it's going to be just one party. The one party you can 'vote' for. What's the danger that you can see in that system and do you think that could happen in America too?

Celente: Well, it's happened! There's no difference between the parties. They both send you to war! Look at all the 'wondeful' wars that Clinton started. You know, the one in Yugoslavia. That was a real 'beauty' wasn't it. And how about bombing Iraq on a daily basis. People 'forgot' the no fly zones? He's a mass murder supreme! People forget that. They asked the secretary of state Madeleine Albright, when they put sanctions on Iraq during the Clinton years, they asked her - The UN estimated 500 Iraqi children died because of sanctions. They couldn't get medicine or food - And they asked Madeleine Albright, 'Was the price of sanctions worth the price of those lives?'. And she said, 'Yes, it was!' These are psychopaths! Matter of fact, when I look at Madeleine Albright, she reminds me of every teacher I hated at school and why I hated school so much. These arrogant people who tell you what you should believe and what you should think. To me the only way out of this is to copy the Swiss model. And that's direct democracy. Let the people vote. We don't have representative forms of government. The only people these governments represent, the so-called politicians represent, are the people who give them the most money or have the most power. That's kiddies stuff to believe that. So direct democracy lets the people vote. You wanna go to war? Let the people vote. You wanna bail out the banks? Let the people vote. Put it on the ballots. If we can bank online we can vote online. Very simple.

Interviewer: It's true. Why not have a digital democracy where you can vote on more and more issues. Maybe even local things. The technology is certainly there Gerald.

Celente: Exactly. And you know what the prestitutes will pump up? They'll sell the political line saying 'Could be hacked'. Could be 'hacked'! It took five days to count the votes in Florida! And you know, if we could move literally trillions of dollars, trillions of dollars, around the globe each day, you think we could have a safe voting system? As a matter of fact it would be perfect;y safe, as safe can be, because in a so-called democracy the transparency would be opened up for everyone to look at. So you have all these computer people, the geeks, so to speak, that know the algorithms and what have you, and they could see right away if things were being manipulated. So, if we can bank online we can vote online. Let the people vote. Get what you deserve.

Interviewer: Now, what was the danger, do you think, of potential vote fraud in this last election here in the US?

Celente: Well, you know, I don't know. You look at the lines of people waiting for four hours, you know, it's like the banana republic. It is actually. And we have el presidente of low status el nessus, because that's what our countries turned into. I just got back from Munich near Dublin and I fly into JFK and it's like flying into a third world and you look at the infrastructure and you hear about all of this hurricane sandy stuff. We have no break waters, no sea walls, you don't have flood gates on the tunnels....anybody that lives in New York, and I'm a New Yorker - I live upstate - and nobody ever buys an automobile that's owed by a New Yorker because of the pot holes everywhere. The countries falling apart. They estimate it's going to cost about 13 trillion dollars just to repair the infrastructure. Not to improve it. To repair it! So, this is a nation in decline. And as you see what's going on in the scandals happening - it's a riot! There's a sex scandal with the CIA Director Petraeus, former general of Afghanistan and Iraq. And you know, if your caught scre*ing a chick it's a big deal but screw millions of people out of their lives, screw the soldiers who you're supposed to be protecting and screw up entire countries......and they'll give you a bunch of medals to wear on your chest. The hypocrisy! But the point that I am making is that this is a militaristic nations. You know, these politicians keep talking about these 'Founding Fathers' know, Washington, Jefferson etc. Our Founding Fathers made it 100 % clear. You don't get involved in foreign entanglements. This is not a democracy in America, it's fascism. It's a take over. Obama Care, that program of his. It's doing business with the major insurance companies. They put it all in the privatization of the major insurance companies. We bail out banks like you do over there in Europe. Private banks make bad bets and the public are forced to bail them out! They call it austerity measures. Mussolini called it the merger of the state and corporate powers - called fascism. But nobody wants to call a spade a spade. It's a global takeover. The banks have taken over. That's the 'New World Order'. It's in front of everybody.

Interviewer: Well, on that point we hear so many times that America is doing this, and America is doing that, and they are responsible for the wars and everything else but in your view, Gerald, is there somebody else in control of the country taking it that way who doesn't have the nations interest at heart?

Gerald: No, I just think these are psychopaths. You just look at the people who got us into the Libyan war. It was well reported. It was Samantha Power with the National Security Agency, with the Susan Rice - the UN representative and Hitler'ary Clinton. You know, the war hawk. You know, she comes from a long line of them with her 'old man'. Then you look whats going on with that fat-mouth you've got over there, Rasmussen, the head of NATO. Talking about how, you know, we gotta support Turkey because Syria may use chemical weapons. And if they use chemical weapons Turkey's drawn into this, Turkey is a NATO ally, and we must defend them. Yeah, but you won't let Turkey into the European Union! These are SICK PEOPLE! You know, when I look at this thing - this Pussygate going on - you know, we had Watergate, Nannygate, and now we have Pussygate, Pussy Riot in Russia. Pussygate with Petraeus! These know what their viagra is? These Rasmussen's, these little men that talk tough? Their viagra is killing people. That's right. That's who they are. It's psychopaths. People don't want to call them who they are. You knew these guys when you were at high school and college. And now they're ruling the world. They wanted to be class president, head of the student council and the guys like the rest of these generals, these are the guys that joined the military.

Interviewer: Now, participation verses no're advocating don't vote, don't be part of it in that way. But ultimately how much responsibility do people actually have who are allowing this ultimately to happen? Should we get involved, should we get out there and try to stop them? What do you advocate?

Celente: No, I don't advocate trying to stop it through their systems. I was an assistant to the secretary of the New York State Senate. I use to run political campaigns in Westchester County, New York. The richest county in the United States. For six years I was the Government affairs specialist in DC. They use to put political action committees together for the chemical industry. One of our chief writers for the Trends Journal, Dr Paul Craig Roberts, was a former Assistant Treasury Secretary under Ronald Reagan. You know, we got guys that know what it looks like. The system is totally corrupt! The system has to change. For me it's not participating in a corrupt system, it's changing the system. And for me the system has to be Direct Democracy. And that's why I went to Ireland...the Irish are doing it. They really have a strong movement going. And they've had it. I was there a year and a half ago. And when I just returned I was shocked by all of the 'for sale' and to 'let signs' that were everywhere, everywhere you looked. And so, why are people letting these stooges run their lives? That's what puzzles me so much.

Interviewer: Indeed, lets go back to Succession again and talk about how realistic that might be and how far that could go. And I can't help but wonder if we're repeating history over there in America, perhaps even again, civil war of trying to keep the union in place. What's the possible scenario do you think?

Celente: That's very possible. It doesn't have to be a civil war of violence. It could be a very civil war, a very true meaning of the word civil! Look what happened with the former Soviet Union. It was too big to rule by the Kremlin. The United States is three hundred and twelve million people - it can't be run by a bunch of dictators coming out of DC. 535 representatives, Congressmen and Senators, telling three hundred and twelve million people how to tie their shoe! Come on. You can't make this c*** up! So break it up! I mean, do you think Al Qaeda are going to attack Vermont? I mean, who cares? It would be better! It would break up the militarism. There's nothing to fear. You know, I wrote about this before it happened. Read my book, Trends 2000, that I wrote in 1996. I warned that when American's woke up in the new millennium there's be terror. It's got to do with foreign policy. But you wont allowed to say that. They hate us because they hate our freedom of liberty, little boys and girls. That's what President Bush said and people believed it. They put out their yellow ribbons and flags on their cars. So, what I'm saying is, Successionism could happen very easily. Very effectively. And very economically and very productively. If you wanna live in a state where they don't wanna give abortions - move there! It's your choice. If you wanna live in a state that want's to execute people - move there! It's your choice. If you wanna move to another state where they do not do that - MOVE! Go anywhere you want. Open borders.

Interviewer: Well, that's a good point. I use to enjoy that to, being in Europe, the differences between the countries and the fact that you could literally get a different cultural experience by moving couple of meters from France into Germany, for example. But, today there's homogenization going on - it's all becoming the same wherever you go. It's incredibly boring to me.

Celente: It is. It's very sad, as well.

Interviewer: How do you think we could prevent this from constantly happening. Obviously, looking back into history we see the same empire building, over and over and over again. Is there anyway, in your opinion to prevent this from happening?

Celente: It comes down to the individual. After doing this for 32 years, that's my conclusion. When enough know, everybody is born with unique gifts....EVERYBODY! And to me, and again, only speaking for myself, and everything I say is only speaking for myself, I don't tell people what to believe or how to think. As my dear father, may his soul rest in Peace, use to say to me anytime I used to repeat anything that everyone else was saying, he's say "Pappagallo" (''Parrot''). Stop repeating what other people say and think for yourself. So, I'm just saying how I see things and the way I see it is that by bringing that unique gift you have to it's higher level - that to me, is LIVING a fulfilling life. And when enough people live fulfilling lives, they have COURAGE - DIGNITY - RESPECT - INTEGRITY - COMPASSION - and they don't take BS from morons! And they raise the bar. They don't settle for less. They don't settle for mediocrity. They want better, they want higher quality in everything because they work so hard to reach quality within themselves. And isn't THAT what a renaissance is part of? Look at Europe during the renaissance, they estimate that something like 60 % of the people were eliminated through the back plague. What followed it - the Renaissance when people realized that what they were doing was destructive. But the people who realized it were the people who where off in Monasteries, convents etc. Not because of religious experiences but because of the Spiritual and Health experience. They had a quiet understanding of what was going on. It was a re-birth right. And I believe we can have a re-birth, why not? Why does it have to go in the direction that 'they' are taking us. I believe that it's the 20% solution. 20% of the people decide if they want another course - the rest will follow.

Interviewer: Still that many, 20%, that's quite a bit.

Celente: Yeah, it's quite a bit. But it doesn't start with 20%. It starts with individuals.

Interviewer: Well, that's another point I wanted to ask you a little bit about as well. There will have to be an infrastructure for the individual to exist and today everything seems to be geared towards collectivism for plebs - and for the elite - they're turning this globe into a theme park for themselves. But when that infrastructure is eroded for the individual then there's no room for the individual to blossom, if you will, to come up with the ideas, to be creative, or to have the solutions at that individual level.

Celente: Oh your 100% right. They have taken away the individuality. it's been homogenized, and that's the same thing I've seen in Europe too. It's all becoming one. The 'bigs' have taken over everything. And so I don't know the answer other than what I've said. That when enough individuals change - direction changes - and look what they did in Germany, for example. 'They' prohibited....the people boycotted...Walmart, when Walmart went there, so that's the kind of thing that is needed. It's that you don't go to the chains - you don't go to the Starbucks - you support local. You buy Swedish, buy Italian...wherever you are, you support your country. Put up the trade barriers that use to exist - kill the Euro, all the Euro did...was a great game for the multinationals. And the older people in Europe went for it because they thought, 'Hey, if we all have one currency we wont go through two horrible wars.' Which was a logical conclusion from people who suffered from it. But those are the kind of things to do - the first step is kill the Euro - bring back national identity, not nationalism, but national identity.

Interviewer: I'm always looking at the ESM, the European Stability Mechanism, that they're bringing in. This horrible thing, this debt prison that they're going to put Europe in right now. Many people have been talking about the complete collapse of the Euro. But the longer we go in it the longer that it's not going to happen. It's not that's it's stronger and strengthening, but the fact that things are so bad right now in the Euro Zone that if Nations don't get out now, they will not have any bigger reason to do it. What do you think about that Gerald?

Gerald: No, because they're not going to be able to solve anything. They just keep on putting more and more pressure on the people to bail out the banks. Look what going on as we speak. There are mass demonstrations going on throughout Europe. You got a j**k, like Barroso, over there with the European Union! Who was this guy before he got this job? Oh, I remember him. He was the Prime Minister of Portugal. Hey, great job you did there j***o! And you think your going to fix this! These guys are losers. Everything they do turns to C***! They're not going to fix it. Things are going to get worse. Tensions are going to increase. And the Euro is going to come under more pressure. And so, I think it's best to get out before it gets worse.

Interviewer: Let's talk a little bit more about where this is going to lead in the next four years for America, if indeed it even matters, if we get to that point again, that the lesser of two evils was the option and would it have made any difference. How deep is the abyss going to take us do you think and America, especially, in the next four years, Gerald?

Gerald: The next four can see it unfolding already. The world equity markets are voting with their dollars, with their Euro's and their Yen's and Yuan's. And they're saying they have no trust in the financial system. Look what's going on in Europe with the sovereign debt crisis. It just keeps getting worse. So, we can see the future. The tea-leaves, the cards, whatever you like to call them, their in-front of everybody to read. Should they choose to read them. The first great war of the twenty first century has begun. This civil war in Syria, this civil war in Libya, this war in Yemen, and Bahrain, destabilization in Tunisia and Egypt. Again, there are MILLIONS of people taking to the streets in different countries in Europe. You know, one of the models to look for, by the way, that I find very interesting is the Five Star Movement over there in Italy being led by Beppe Grillo. I love what he calls Berlusconi. Psycho-dwarf! You know, that label fits to me, most of them. These 'leaders' are psycho dwarf's of different levels. So, what's going on with the Five Star movement to me a model for other countries to look at. Are there going to be anti-immigration movements? Of course there are. And it not because you're a right wing or fanatic. I mean, look what's going on in the States. The county is being flooded with immigrants coming out of South America. They're uneducated. They're not going to college. They're barely finishing high school. And we're a country with rising unemployment and no jobs. And it's putting pressure on the infrastructure in many different ways. If you can't afford to take care of who you have, do you really open the borders to EVERYBODY? Do you open your house to everybody if you can't feed your family? And that's all we're talking about. So, yes, there's going to be legitimate reasons, of course, but then they're going to turn it into a golden dawn kind of thing that you have going on in Greece. But again, who am I to criticize. Look what happened in Greece and look at why it's happened as well? How many Afghans and Iraqi's are in Greece to escape the terror that the United States and NATO brought down on them. So, where do they flee to? You know, I was in Munich two weeks ago. Anyway I chatted up with every cab driver I can that had enough English to speak. And I said to this guy, 'Where are you from?' And he said, ' Afghanistan.' I said, 'How do you like it in Munich?' He said, 'It's safe'. It's safe. How do you like it in Syria? How do you like it in Libya? How do you like it in Egypt? How do you like it in Iraq? How do you like it in Afghanistan? How do you like it in Bahrain and Yemen? People have no clue. You know, I could solve every war from the beginning! I could stop it tomorrow. Hey, Rasmussen. You wanna go to war? Get out of your pretty uniform and get in the trench. You wanna take our Assad? We'll put it on pay per view. You against Assad. The world leader face-off. And the rest of them, Merkel, Rojoy, Obama, Could you imagine that little (critter) Cameron fighting anybody? That guy couldn't fight his way out of an Eton stamped, paper bag! You wanna go take out Assad? Put it on pay per view! Billions of people could tune-in. We'll balance the budgets around the world. Everybody would love to see it. (Interesting proposal for the next Hunger Games film! Ed).

Interviewer: It's true that the 'King' leading the people into battle that was the 'Good old days'.

Celente: Exactly, and I mean this! This isn't a joke. You wanna know what the people can do? They can demand it! Any fat mouth out there that wants to go out and fight. Listen, I'm a close combat instructor. I know what it is to fight. These guys are all mouth. That's all. So, you wanna get other people killed? You go out first! And I mean this. You asked me what people can do! Demand that the leaders face-off against each other in a battle. Rather than sending Jose Gonzalez, Tammy White, Mike Smith and unnamed people to get their brains blown out and legs blown off. You wanna go to war - go to war! Leave me out of your psycho-trip. And that goes for everybody else out there, the citizens that want to support war. There's a job for you on the front.

Interviewer: Well you said that's part of the problem. The participation in things which people might, or might not agree with. And who might not even understand what they're part of ultimately. But the fact is, if soldiers didn't turn up at the battle field there wouldn't be any war.

Celente: These are kids. They don't know. When you were a kid, 17, 18, 19 years old...look at the propaganda that they're feeding these Hispanic kids and getting them to join. They have whole programs brain-washing them. They don't know any better. They're kids.

Interviewer: Let's get back to this point before we begin to wrap things up for this time. Although these are very dark times that we are in and you mentioned about the Renaissance, and the very, very dark point at which things began to turn again. Is that possible, is that what we have to look forward to? The work has to be done. We can't sit on our ass and think that's it going to happen by itself, of course. But, when times are as bad as they are now, hopefully we can just go up from that. What do you think?

Celente: I think there was a quote from Einstein. He said something about leading by example isn't one way to teach. It's the ONLY way to teach. And I try to do it by example. My offices are beautiful. I have art hanging everywhere. Beautiful music playing all the time. When we can when we're not writing. You know, I don't like music when I'm writing. The place is gorgeous. And I dress well and I eat well. I try to live a Renaissance life. I'm interested in many different things but everything I have an interest about has a foundation in quality. Quality is not subjective. There's fine glassware and there's paper cups. There's linen napkins and there's paper napkins. There's fine coffee's and there's crummy coffee's. It goes on down the line. So, it's not a subjective analysis. It's objective. So, I try to do it by example. And I just had a discussion with one of the young fellows who works here and I said, ''Look, stop coming in dressed like this. I want you to dress up sharp. Your a young handsome guy. Look sharp and by the way I love this term they come up with - 'Hipsters'. These cats ain't hip, man! Like they've been around a while. A pair of jeans and three days growth and a plaited shirt, ain't hip, Jack! And you know, step it up! Start with yourself. By the way. We get letters everyday. Everyday we get letter thanking us. And one I got yesterday in a Trends and a News feature. I read the trends and the news each day. And the guy thanked me for waking him up. And he's going through very difficult financial times and he said, ''I realize what you've said. Even though your going through bad financial times you could still dress up!'' And I'm not talking about going out and buying Hugo a matter of fact. As a matter of fact you could go to a thrift shop...and get Hugo Boss for practically nothing! But, it's just grooming well. Eating well. And I meditate everyday. And you know, I'm just a regular guy. I have my ups and downs in life. But I try my very best to do my very best. And as you mentioned. It takes WORK. You don't learn to become a great pianist without PRACTICING. You don't become great at anything without PRACTICING, whether it be cooking, whether it's cleaning, whatever job your doing. You do it the best you can. But the most important thing to me is that EVERYONE of us has THAT unique gift. That one thing that makes us different from everybody else. Our secret weapon. And we should really hone that secret weapon to the highest level that it can be brought to. And that to me will change the future. Nothing else. And if anybody says, ''You do not create the future.'' They're trying to rob you of your dignity, the sanctity of your Soul and the God that LIVES within you, or whatever God you believe in. So, you create the future. If you let somebody else create the future, guess what? Your not going to like it. Especially if they create it for you. As a matter of fact, I believe it's a sin of life if you let someone else create your future.

Interviewer: Well, ok. Now, lets wrapped up this point here. Appearance in a sense, you have to act successfully to become or be successful. So, it's a mind thing first basically and in that example...look at a government office, for example, walk into one here in Sweden or or anywhere in Europe, for that matter, and you see the loveliness of the offices...the emanations...they have to play it down - the perception that they are poor and that they don't have any money because, if they didn't people would start wondering. So, they focus on lack, a sense of despair which just comes out of those offices, comparing it to the environment that you rather being in Gerald. And in this case that's what happens here. They focus so much on the lack that the people walk in there and are literally drained of the energy and feel that things are in a rut and it's really bad. Do you think that there is ever a good change, in the point of view of governments, that they're getting you to focus instead of prosperity?

Celente: No! Because it's the very nature of the corrupt system. You know, why can you call a thief a thief, a murderer a murderer, a whore a whore...but you can't call a politician a thief, a murderer or a prostitute, or all three? That's what they are! That's why they do this. So, why should anybody expect anything different?

Interviewer: It's true, It's true. Gerald, let's wrapped things up talking about Trends Journal and I want to give you the opportunity to mention what you can. And tell people about the paper, the magazine that you put out.

Celente: Well, the last one was 48 pages, advertising free. Great illustrations by a world renowned illustrator Anthony Freda. and it really covers the world. It shows you history before it happens. You look at the elections, for example, in the United States. We spelled it out chapter and verse why Obama would win as far back as October 3rd, 2011. We talked early about the successionist movements moving on. Was a top trend of 2012. You wanna know what's going on in Italy? In Greece? In Syria? In Egypt? In Libya? We wrote about it long before it happened. The Trends Journal is there to prepare people for the future. If you can see the future coming - and nobody can predict, there's to many wildcards - you can prepare for it. And that's what the Trends Journal does. It give you history before it happens. Allows you to prepare for what coming so that you can make plans. For example, you can go to our website TrendsJournal.Com - go to the forecast page - the forecasts are there written 'in stone'. Or the video's where I've set it up on TV, Radio, Newspapers, where we predicted that gold prices would escalate beginning in 2001. One after the other. We said that therew would be the Euro Crisis before the Euro came 'online'. I said it would fail. So, that's what the Trends Journal does. It shows you the future so that you can make plans to seize on the opportunity and avoid the dangers.

Interviwer: Ok, very good, check out Trends Journal .com to find out more, of course. Thank you for your time today Gerald and I appreciate it sharing your thoughts and opinion about the madness out there.

Celente: And thank you for all that you are doing as well. Bye, Bye.
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