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Imagine.... The World of Tomorrow

By:Nick Shutler
Date: Sat,26 Nov 2011

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Nick Shutler

Imagine The World of Tomorrow
Written by N Shutler with Inspiration from the higher Spirit Realms

What is happening today?

Gross Materialism and generations of irresponsibility have forged an uncertain future. We now live in a world where wealth and material things have become more important than people. Irresponsible borrowing by unscrupulous governments has enslaved us and future generations under mountains of un-repayable debt. Our inheritance is a monetary system on the brink of global collapse, a failing economy and major natural ecological worldwide disasters which if we are honest with ourselves, are the result of long term abuse of our natural world and environmental systems. Generations upon generation have allowed this to happen, but now the tide is turning.
People of today feel cheated, disillusioned, dismayed and frustrated. Unrest and anger has reached boiling point and is spilling out on to the city streets all over the world.
The system has failed us, it goes nowhere, it has no future and it is broken, it cannot be repaired….. It is time for change.

What has failed?

A system which uses money only encourages greed and dishonesty. The system, promotes direct competition, which by its very nature, separates and divides people in to opposing categories, the haves and the have not’s, The winners and the losers, the successes and the failures. It is intentionally designed to make people feel inadequate and worthless. The system engineers the carrot and the donkey principle to keep us plodding on but never quite reaching the goal or never quite making the grade… all the time we are inadvertently turning the big wheels of consumerism so that a few global corporates benefit at the expense of the many… It is criminal… in real terms it is nothing short of mental slavery.

Some say it is greed which has caused the problems, but greed is not as easy to define as you may think; try to define what is poor or what is rich then ask the same question to someone who lives in a 3rd world country and then ask a millionaire and you will be able to see that really it is all a matter of perspective. For example I was talking with a man today about the influx of Eastern Europeans in to the UK. In his opinion it is they who have caused living standards for the working men and woman in this country to drop. He says “they come in to this country they take our jobs they work for less, so rates of pay have fallen. “ I am a poor man; I live on the basics I cannot afford luxuries”. I say “How can you blame these people for wanting a better life? The Eastern Europeans are coming from near 3rd world conditions. What we earn in a week they would be lucky to earn in a month. He thinks he is poor but he has a home of his own, 2 mobile phones, a works van, a car, a Satellite TV, dishwasher etc.

Many of us have these things yet we take it for granted. We are always looking up enviously at those who have more and barely spare a thought for the majority who have less. I have met some people I would consider wealthy and I very rarely meet one who is happy or content.

Wealth you see is a very relative term. The system makes sure there are no clear and hard boundaries to give us perspective and that suits its purpose. The system is designed to undermine us make us feel insecure, and worthless. It is a system which encourages and nurtures greed and envy within the human Spirit… it has blinded us. We are like sleeping children. If we could wake up perhaps we could realize how well off we are, perhaps then we could be happy, perhaps then we could be satisfied with what we have…. But that is not how the system operates…. The huge wheels of consumerism and industry need to be constantly driven…. No one ever happy no one ever satisfied… the consumer itch which can never be scratched…. like a disease!

Why is there so much need and greed, when there is enough for everyone? Why are Food Mountains growing daily whilst in poorer countries children die of hunger? Recently I heard a news report that in Haiti, the money had become so worthless, that Mothers were not able to buy food to feed their starving children and in desperate attempts to keep hunger pains at bay mothers were feeding their children on cakes made of mud just to fill their bellies.
On the other side of the coin, in first world countries such as ours people are suffering from overeating disorders and obesity.
Why are people starving, when there is enough food to feed the world? Poverty is unnecessary; in fact much poverty is created and maintained by creating debt.

We have lost the plot… or forgotten it.
Let me share with you an extract from Arthur Conan Doyle’s book “The Land of Mist” Here two characters in the story are talking about science and materialism.

“It is this scientific world which is responsible much of this materialism. It has helped us in comfort, if comfort is any use to us. Otherwise it has usually been a curse to us, for it has called itself progress, whereas we are really drifting very steadily backward, because it obscures the vital thing-the object of life. We were not put on this planet in order that we should go fifty miles an hour in a motor car or cross the Atlantic in an air ship or send messages either with or without wires. These are the mere trimmings and fringes of life. But these men of science have so riveted our attention on these fringes that we forget the central object”
“I don’t follow you”
“It is not how fast you go that matters, it is the object of your journey, it is not how you send a message it is what the value of the message may be. At every stage this so-called progress may be a curse, and yet as long as we confuse it with real progress and imagine that we are doing that for which God sent us in to the World”
“Which is?”
“To prepare ourselves for the next phase of life. There is a mental preparation and Spiritual preparation and we are neglecting both. To be in old age better men and woman, more unselfish, more broadminded, more genial and tolerant, that is what we are here for. It is a soul factory and it is turning out a bad article.”

For those who don’t know me during my visits to Spiritualist churches and centres I demonstrate Mediumship and talk about the Philosophy of Spiritualism to people that have had some experience or understand a little about what we do. Many have come to understand through evidence received or through their own experiences that Life after Death is not some fairy tale fantasy but a demonstrateable fact, which every week in thousands of churches and centres all over our country is proved time and time again.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Creator of the Sherlock homes stories and one of the most famous writers of his time was such an individual. To Arthur like so many people who have been so blessed to learn such a wonderful truth the next logical question must be, what is this life for? What can I learn from this precious opportunity that has been given to me? With this knowledge the accumulation of material wealth loses its lustre, we may begin to look for something less transient, more real, something that will be of more value when we move on to the next stage of life…. To us life becomes less about physical experiences and self-gratification and more of an opportunity to grow, Spiritually, in fact, Life becomes the opportunity to grow a soul.
In this article I want to demonstrate that such knowledge can provide a foundation on which to construct and heal a sick world. Gross materialism has failed, it has failed because it has no root, and materialism for materialism’s sake is directionless and fruitless. It is an empty husk.

Glimpses in to a future world.....Out with the old and in with the new.

It is difficult for us to imagine a society without money because we have always lived with it. A moneyless system is difficult concept for us to grasp because it has become so deeply ingrained and integrated in to our society that we no longer even notice it. Money has become woven in to the very fabric of society.
This is why the answer to our problems seems so elusive… The problem is not IN THE BOX…. IT IS THE BOX…
Let us for a moment; imagine a world in which money does not exist.
The idea of a resource based system is not a new one. There is evidentially enough for everyone on this planet. When the days of money have passed away along with the greed, need and envy, and associated crime which it promoted, Mankind will begin to treat this Planet, this Earth, our home, with the love and respect it deserves. We will cherish it and the gifts that it provides.
Precious resources are already diminished so futures innovative design must be to create products that are minimalistic, needing infrequent servicing and offering maximum life. Devices and machinery will once again be serviceable, parts replaceable and repairable as opposed to the consumer throw away profit generating devices and machinery that used to be.
Imagine what could be achieved with an amalgamation of companies producing cars for instance, if all the top minds and designers from those companies got together and the combined technology what brilliant products could be created, fuel efficient cars that would last. Giant leaps could be made especially when the divisions and greed that the monetary system created have gone. This is just one example of how amalgamation will enhance everything in our world. Now apply this same principle to all useful industries… Apply it to any fragmented or devised organization… Councils…. Governments…. Countries… and who knows where it will end? All helping one another all with the same goal… Now are you beginning to get the picture? THIS CAN WORK!

With the dissolution of the monetary system, gone would be the negative associations of division and fragmentation in society. Instead there will be cooperation and coalition everyone pulling together with one goal one ideal, one principle… Through realizing the sanctity of all life not just human life man will nurture within himself through love, service to mankind, the animal kingdom and the planet…. Great leaps of progress will be made; a new day will have come.

Making Real Progress Moving forward
Learning from past mistakes
Progress made so far will not be wasted; it can form a sound foundation on which to build. We can learn from examples of success stories where good communication and teamwork lead to successful business. That is something we can learn from, we can continue to move away from energy derived harmful fossil fuels and research in to alternative clean and free energy. We can continue Ethical development and promote and encourage people to eat less meat and educate them to the benefits of a vegetarian diet… We can continue help our brothers and sisters in 3rd world countries. There are many good things in our world and many bad, but if we are honest with ourselves we can learn by our mistakes and shortcoming. Some out dated and outmoded principles and ideas will no longer be relevant, but we can look at the positives and build on them and we can apply these principles to the modern world.

Learning for change

Teaching will change radically. The Education system currently suppresses natural gifts in our children. There is no room for individuality. Natural talent and latent ability is suppressed. The purpose of the educational curriculum is to prepare young people for the system, to train them to be obedient and subservient.
In the new age, dictatorial teaching constructs and constraints will be irrelevant. Instead natural and latent talent will be recognized, nurtured and encouraged as will the development of individuality. Because we have learned through experience that individuality is where our connection with Spirit exists. We can admire good traits in others and adopt them if it resonates with us, but we can never be them, we can only be ourselves, but we can be can try to be the best person we can possibly be.

Education will be far more varied and interesting than it is today. Traditional religious education will be obsolete instead students will learn natural Spiritual principles and truths and be able to come to their own natural conclusions, which will have a natural bearing on this physical life and their purpose within it. A wise man once said, “The best teacher doesn’t instruct but leads the student to the doors of their own minds” a voyage of discovery.
This knowledge can be integrated in to practical learning about the Earth and every living thing upon and within it. These concepts will naturally expand to embrace the greater physical cosmos, and Earth’s relationship in the greater scheme of things. The golden threads of spirit will be realized, infinite & eternal. Young minds will be on fire with realization and wonder.
Teachers will have the natural ability to inspire their students. Their enthusiasm
will be contagious and their love of children and the desire for a brighter future for all mankind will be their leading light.
When Children enter adult life it will become a natural extension of learning which if allowed to continue and develop naturally can culminate ultimately in providing a specialized service to humanity, the animal kingdom and the planet. (Spirit) We all have our part to play… We are all here for a reason…. We have to find that reason…
Working for a better future
for most of us ‘work’ sums up feelings of enslavement, feeling trapped in boring unsatisfying jobs, with little or no prospects or future. With the coming of the new age, the concept of work will change radically; the menial demoralizing mindless and mundane tasks will be mechanized. Instead we will direct our energies toward something which is more suited to our creative and expressive nature.
We are all born with a specific strengths or natural gifts When we look within ourselves we will find unique traits which if nurtured and encouraged to grow can blossom and bloom and grow in to something quite remarkable. We will then discover that our gift can be used in service to Spirit.
(I use the word Spirit here because it is more descriptive and all encompassing. The word represents the living energy which permeates all things whether animal plant or mineral, this energy permeates and transcends time and space, this energy may be incarnate or discarnate. In its combined essence some may call it God. We call it Spirit because it is an essence which takes many forms humanity being only one of them)
For instance those who feel an affinity with building, construction or design will be involved with building new homes and structures which people will really want to live in. Creating and building in harmony with our natural environment with respect for our Mother Earth. High rise structured designs which once housed people will be modified for growing plants, fruit and vegetables for food. Some people will feel a natural affinity with the plant kingdom, and become engaged in horticulture, permaculture and hydroponics, some individuals may find they are able to feel and communicate with plants….. This will help profoundly in growing food for people. Ultimately the highest aspiration in this field would be to assist in the reinstatement of the natural flora and fauna, to re-balance our world and heal our sick planet.
There will be vast areas of redundant land that were once dedicated to industry and supplying the now redundant services which only served the monetary purpose These can now be returned to nature. The people who feel an empathy with the nature kingdom will be actively involved in massive projects such as this, working with and alongside nature to de construct recycle, replenish and restore natural areas to their former beauty. The native species of the animal kingdom will be reinstated. All this will take hard work and determination but natural drive and utilization and constructive and creative abilities in people will be the driving force.
Medicine & Health
It will not only be industry and business which will benefit from the unity that the dissolution of the monetary system will bring. When the psychic sciences such as Spiritual Healing and Mediumship are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly this new knowledge will be embraced by medical science. The missing pieces will fall in to place, a revelation will unfold, and exponential progress will be initiated.
Those people with natural and Spiritual healing gifts and the desire to help and heal people will work within the medical profession. There will be no division just great minds working with one purpose… service to humanity and Spirit
People will feel inspired to travel and assist and learn too, from our brothers and sisters in poorer countries where re-sources are more limited. We would share everything and between us we would have enough.
People who feel an affinity with the animal kingdom will feel drawn to work alongside and with the animals, helping to restore them to their rightful place in the natural scheme of things. We will, like the native and indigenous peoples learn from them too. Gifted individuals will be able to forge working relationships with the animals and be able to communicate without words; direct mind to mind links will be established. With the advancement of interspecies psychic communication it will become apparent that a more Vegetarian and Vegan life style will have to be adopted. It will become apparent that the cow or calf or sheep or any animal come to that matter would never willingly offer itself to the butcher’s knife any more than we would.
The answer to world hunger would be understood as it is a fact that 7 times more food can be grown on land that was once dedicated to livestock. Again land would be freed up for conservation and natural reinstatement. We could learn the art of growing with nature with concepts such as forest farming.

Personal Progress.

A greater proportion of time will be available for us as individuals to pursue personal development. This may vary greatly depending on the individual. This could be physical pursuits such as the arts, drama and dance. Perhaps even physical confidence inspiring exercises such as mountaineering, sailing and so forth. But the most significant progress in advancement will be procured by the discovery and exploration of the connections that exist between us….
In our new world we will enjoy spending time together in small groups experimenting and developing our psychic awareness. It will become apparent that our consciousness is not only contained within our physical body but outside of it too and that far greater communication is possible than we ever imagined, far greater than the spoken word could ever convey.
This new or rediscovered developed ability will enable mankind to become aware of not only the connections that exist between mankind but all living things, as this awareness unfolds it will bring a new understanding and value of life.

From this natural discovery we will uncover a wonderful truth. That we are in fact, Spiritual beings, infinite and eternal. Energy beings temporarily encased it matter so that we may experience a physical reality.

From this we will naturally conclude that as Spiritual beings we may extend our enhanced psychic awareness to communicate with discarnate spiritual beings too.
These phenomena are being widely practiced and demonstrated today.
The human being has the most enormous potential. But in reality we are not even realizing a fraction of that. Think back to when we are children we have dreams and desires. For some that may be to travel the world to see distant lands and meet wonderful people. Perhaps for others it may be to do something to make a difference in the world, perhaps we could accomplish this by improving the lives of others. As we become older and begin to grow up a little, childish and self-fulfilling aspirations tend to fall away. We begin to see the world as it really is and if we are honest there is much room for improvement. Our dreams may then change from ones of self-gratification to ones of service. In our hearts we want to make a difference in this world… But sadly many of us have been deceived in to believing that we cannot possibly make difference so we sell our dreams for small desires…. But in reality nothing could be further from the truth, the power is in our hands.
The most significant changes will be made when mankind begins to truly embrace his connections not only with his fellow man but with everything that is alive. These connections are real and not only encompass our physical reality but move far beyond in to the Spiritual realms to which we are destined to return.

We should never be ashamed of who we are. Each of us is unique and we are here because we are meant to be here there is an essence of us which is unique and special. A great power saw fit to put us here so there must be a reason we just have to look.

Leading the way
In a world without money where people are naturally more connected and led by their hearts and not the desire for money and material things corruption will have become a thing of the past. Men and woman of vision and brave hearts will aspire to become the true leaders of humanity. A brotherhood of man will have truly begun when these brave people step forward and a new day will have dawn for humanity.

Heaven on Earth Visions and hopes for the future

Currently human beings here on Earth are making very little progress in personal development and spirituality. Spiritual progress is really manifested unconditional love and the growth of it can only occur when we realize that really we are all one…. there is no division we are all brothers and sisters, and that service administered to One benefits all and service to all benefits the One. When we have realized this and begin to put it in to action we would have moved one step closer to creating Heaven on Earth and exponential progress will be underway.



I hope you enjoyed my article. If you have any comments or ideas I would be pleased to hear them.
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gina briscoe said:

hi nick i certainly enjoy what you have to say , it's what im thinking about life today , i just wish things could change for the better . hope to see you @ dawlish church some time . take care . god bless you .
Wed,11 Jun 2014,11:06:27 GMT
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