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An Open Letter To Aquarius For July 2021

By:Guy Doleman
Date: Sun,13 Jun 2021
Submitter:Guy Doleman

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An Open Letter To Aquarius For July 2021

Dear Aquarius,

First, may I say what a pleasure it is to touch base with you again. Perhaps you are unaware of what a stimulating influence you inject into any social environment you chose to inhabit. That's because you invariably have a new take on things. You see what others miss and manage to join up the dots in a concise and distinctive manner. Furthermore, you possess a clarity of vision and eloquence that ignites enthusiasm amongst even the most timid and faint-hearted. In short: you are unique.

Aquarius has two ruling plants: Saturn and Uranus. Those Aquarians who resonate to a more Saturnian vibration present themselves in a more reserved and conservative fashion (while still maintaining their distinctive Aquarian characteristics). While those Aquarians who resonate to the Uranus energies cast aside all pretence of modesty and reveal their genius to the world in a commanding and forthright manner. Nevertheless, their immodest behaviour still demands both respect, attention and compliance. The one is not better than the other, because both modes of self-expression are equally valid. Indeed, both "ways of being" should be greeted with equal admiration and deference. Having said that, anyone with a few years "on the clock" will attest to the truth of the old saying "There are horses for courses".

Have you ever wondered why some Aquarius born seem to achieve social acceptance quicker than others? This might be attributable to the fact that "low-profile" Aquarians have a better chance of initiating change without ruffling feathers, so to speak. Conversely, the more outspoken and "in your face" Aquarius often deliberately court controversy. In addition, they often choose to lead from the front to such an exaggerated degree that their inventive solutions can not be understood by their less intellectually adroit colleagues, who inevitably struggle — in vain — to keep up with their more astute Aquarian leader and guide.

Regrettably, a minority of Aquarians find themselves isolated and alone. Something akin to a "rouge genius" condemned to roam the world misunderstood, undervalued and frequently shunned by those who need them most. It's sad but true. Seldom do these gifted individuals get the recognition they deserve. But be comforted, because your individuality of character is both a cross you must carry and potentially a passport to a new and improved future for yourself and those you love.

As a general rule of thumb, your average Aquarius born, rarely submit or acquiesce when challenged by "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune". And, to be honest, I don't see why you should be any different. Therefore, I believe you won't remain confined by restricting circumstance for long, because — quite frankly — it's not in your nature. It won't be long before you grasp the steering wheel of life — reprogram your mental sat-nav — and steer in the direction of your own handcrafted Valhalla. You can do it. Believe in yourself because you are better than you even dare imagine. Failure is not inevitable because — in truth — you have the ability to achieve that which others would deny you. In short: don't listen to those who belittle you; pick faults with you, or, seek to erode your self-esteem. You are worth more than you think. With that said, let's look to your future. Indeed, let us focus upon the month of July 2021.

Week One:
Your attention could well be focused upon improving your family's diet in some way. For some Aquarians struggling with a reduced income, it could simply be a matter of putting enough food on the table to fill the hungry tummies of everyone lining-up expectantly in the kitchen. In more affluent households you'll be worried about the quality of the food you serve or whether it is ethically produced and from a sustainable source. Still more Aquarians will be counting the calories while watching expanding waistlines with a growing sense of disbelief. Is it time to begin dieting again or renew your lapsed gym membership, you ask yourself?

Changing tact for a moment. A small minority (minuscule, in fact) of Aquarians will await the results of some investigation or test with bated breath. Perhaps you will be starting to regret some boisterous activity fuelled by high spirits and copious amounts of alcohol, or, what you got up to when away from home on holiday or a business trip. Look on the bright side: it could all be a blessing in disguise because you are just far too intelligent to make the same mistake twice. From now on, you are going to keep your nose clean, if you know what I mean.

Week Two:
You are being extra attentive to your spouse and trying to occupy their time and attention with the gratuitous pursuit of hedonistic pleasures. "Yes!" it's good to escape your boring routine and enjoy some quality time together. Perhaps you will dispatch the kids off to their Grandparents, so you can let your hair down and pretend to be reckless, carefree, teenagers once again! Everything is looking great for the majority of Aquarians, however, a few might still find the time to indulge in some heated debate focused on how best to allocate some shared funds. Despite this, you remain optimistic and still manage to enjoy yourself even when your companions become too extravagant in their behaviour or spending habits.

Mercury and Jupiter combine their energies to offer excellent prospects for those currently involved in study, writing, research or lecturing. In addition, the outlook is excellent for those active in the world of communications. This is also a propitious period for university students, especially those into religion, politics, philosophy or business studies.

Week Three:
Many of my Aquarian friends will become all nostalgic and sentimental. What you need is a little time to recall happy memories of childhoods days, or, romantic escapades enjoyed in the company of those who now reside overseas or in your heart forever. But love and life moves on. Sexual harmony is indicated for those in established relationships, and new love sails over the horizon for those who thought themselves too old to start again. All your horizons are expanding. Your mind and immediate environment is set to become increasingly jolly and enjoyable. Devote more time to making yourself happy. Allow the worries and responsibilities you still feel towards the inhabitants of the past, to dissolve and disappear. You are not being unfaithful to them or to their memory, but it is time to live and love again. Therefore, release your grip on self-inflicted remorse; be tender and compassionate to yourself and embrace your future.

Week Four:
Auspicious developments are indicated by a harmonious contact betwixt the Moon and Uranus. It's like something flicks a light-switch on, and you get a sudden insight into your domestic situation; then, following a hunch, you resolve a problem, or, at least, finally begin to comprehend what is going on. Hopefully, all the pieces of the jigsaw will begin to fall into place and matters will resolve themselves. Commercial activity begins to flourish, however, it's not without a few tense moments. Still, you're all geared up and ready to go. Indeed, major transformations are afoot.

Well folks, that's me done for the moment. Best wishes to you all and don't do anything daft. Take care of yourselves and each other. Bet you can guess what's coming next. That's right: remember, hands, face, space and keep a safe distance between yourself and strangers!

Yours sincerely,

Guy Doleman: Astrologer

PS. All dates are approximations.
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